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Differential Equations

The online journal of Differential Equations

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Welcome to the online journal of Differential Equations! This community is open to anyone and everyone for both posting and commenting. Anyone is free to post questions and ideas.

In fact, I would love it if people would post ideas! I'm pretty new at this stuff and would like to learn from others as well as share my discoveries and ideas.

There is no limit to the topics in differential equations. Anything from applied mathematics to the abstract is welcome. If you have a new model, or a new process for solving equations, or a new proof or whatever, please let this be your braindump. If you are studying differential equations and are stuck on concepts, feel free to ask questions about it or to share your own personal discoveries along the way. My only request is that if people take ideas from this community they give proper credit where it is due. I'm not a big fan of plagiarism and cheating.

I hoping for this to be a serious forum on applied mathematics and Differential Equations. So you people out there need to help me out with some good posting! Thanks and I hope you enjoy this community.

This community is maintained by curlyboy . Much thanks to mathematics for helping me promote my community. You guys rock.

About the maintainer..

I'm an Electrical Engineering and Physics double major with a minor in applied mathematics (Differential Equations, linear algebra...) at Virginia Commonwealth University in the city of Richmond Virginia. My graduation date is May of 2006(we'll see, I may make that minor a triple major). My aspirations are to get a Masters degree and then a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering/Physics/Math (one of those). I'm hoping to someday either work for NASA or be a college professor, but we'll see what the future holds.

About my interest in math, I think math is an fascinating area of study, and I love to come across people who share the same enthusiasm, interest, and dedication. Right now my working knowledge is math is unfortunately very limited to just engineering-related mathematics, but it is growing each and everyday. My other math/science interests include Statistical math, Discrete mathematics, programming, probability theory, Linear algebra, Physics, Engineering, Calculus, math structures, Elementary Number Theory, Chaos Theory... to name a few. Unfortunately my knowledge in a lot of these subjects is very limited. If anyone knows of any good books or websites I can study about any of these subjects please let me know!