* .·¤°**°¤·Soliloquizing in joy.·¤°**°¤·.* (clearheaven) wrote in diffeq,
* .·¤°**°¤·Soliloquizing in joy.·¤°**°¤·.*

Free copy of DiffEQ textbook by Boyce & DiPrima

Hello DiffEQ students (AKA tortured souls),

I have the full solutions manual in PDF format of a popular differential equations textbook:

Boyce, William & DiPrima, Richard. Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems. 8th Ed. 2004.

It is currently being sold on Ebay and half.com for about $6.00. Since I already have it, I would llike to share so as to not rip off my friends and help as many as I can. If you would like a copy of it for free, simply e-mail me at the address noted in my user info. I would be more than happy to help you.

-A fellow engineering student
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