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* .·¤°**°¤·Soliloquizing in joy.·¤°**°¤·.*

Free copy of DiffEQ textbook by Boyce & DiPrima

Hello DiffEQ students (AKA tortured souls),

I have the full solutions manual in PDF format of a popular differential equations textbook:

Boyce, William & DiPrima, Richard. Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems. 8th Ed. 2004.

It is currently being sold on Ebay and half.com for about $6.00. Since I already have it, I would llike to share so as to not rip off my friends and help as many as I can. If you would like a copy of it for free, simply e-mail me at the address noted in my user info. I would be more than happy to help you.

-A fellow engineering student
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For those interested, somewhere around here I have a copy of the textbook in PDF as well. You'd have to wait until I could find it though.
That's awesome! If you find it, please post!

I don't have the full textbook in PDF but I have the solutions manual for the one that I named above.

I need the pdf Solutions manual


12 years ago



12 years ago


12 years ago

It would be awesome to get ahold of that textbook and solutions manual, since I just finished ODEs this spring and am taking boundary value problems this fall. It would be the perfect review/preparation. :O
Please send me an e-mail so I may reply and attach it (c. 13000k, so please clear out your account for space if necessary).
emre_olcayy@yahoo.com Thx a million....
I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a copy of the solutions manual! My e-mail address is lindseygeer@yahoo.com. Thanks!!
Hey I was wondering if you could send me one too. My e-mail is lilaznrycecutie@yahoo.com :)
can i get that book sent to acheng23@netscape.net


March 8 2007, 21:40:38 UTC 11 years ago

Can I still get a copy of the solutions manual.... my email address is sagarkamath@hotmail.com



March 28 2007, 06:29:39 UTC 11 years ago

I would appreciate it if you could send me the manual.

It is sandycitigroup at gmail.com



I hope you are still checking every now and then ~



May 18 2007, 05:41:38 UTC 10 years ago

if your still helping can you send it to alm03n@fsu.edu..thanks alot
please send me a copy at vbarsan@gmail.com
thanks so much!
If you're still sending them could you possibly send one to me too?


Thanks a bunch!
Hye there,
I'm a new engineering student who really in need of the manual solution of the book. Please email it to me since I can find your email. My email is muiz_sp@yahoo.com
Hey, I doubt you still pay attention to this, but in the off chance that you do, could you possibly send me the pdf? My email is david.cohen33@gmail.com

Thanks so much,
if you still are sending out the pdf for free, can you send me one at m0nk3y_l30n@hotmail.com,

thanks so much
Hi, if you still have that solutions manual I would really appreciate it if you sent it my way, masamune@sbcglobal.net.

Thank you much.


January 26 2009, 19:19:00 UTC 9 years ago

if it's not too late my email is farelli09@hotmail.com your help is greatly appreciated!
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